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Kungfu Camps

Come join us in the         camps both in Shaolin Temple in China and U.S.

Congratulations to our Wushu Team for a magnificent performance at Lincolne Center

Kungfu Trip to China 2016

Our summer campers passed the test and graduated. The local government officer in Shaolin Temple granted the certificates.

wow,you guys did good jobs 

at  7th International Wushu Tournament in New Jersey

Our annual Kungfu Trip to China is now accepting new members...

We host the kungfu trip every year featuring intensive kungfu training and interesting Chinese culture learning. This program also includes one-week traveling in Beijing and Xi'an, most famous ancient cities in China. You'll see so may places of interest and taste well-known local dishes of Peking Duck and Dumplings. 

Our team will register in the local Kungfu Academy after the travel. The kungfu academy is located in Shaolin Temple area with the most experienced teachers and coaches. It is our hope that the students will learn authentic kungfu skills in different surroundings. 

Please click kungfu trip 2016 for more details...

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