As part of the US National Wushu Team, our students Stanley, Jubei, Tori, Victoria participated in the 7th World Kungfu Championships held in Emeishan, China at 11/9 -11/11. Jubei D'Amato got the first prize on Double Whips, Stanley D'Amato got the third prize on Drunken Fist and Tori Matula won the third prize on both Tongbei and Broadsword. Victoria won the eighth on Double Whips. Also, Tori, Jubei, Eric, Robin and Dominick also participated in thwon the first prizese USA 7th New England International Kungfu Championships held in Windsor on 11/4 . All of them did great job. Tori got both gold on Broadsword and Tong, Eric was selected in the US national Kungfu Team, Dominick won first prize on Qwan Dao and  Jubei won the grand Champion. Congratulations to all of these students, we are so proud of you!!

​  Great achievements on the 7th World Kungfu Championships

and USA 7th New England International Kungfu Championships

The Black Belt Test on Saturday, March 31

Our summer campers passed the test and graduated. The local government officer in Shaolin Temple granted the certificates.

   Wu Dang Kungfu Academy won the Grand Champion at the 8th Interantioal Wushu/Kungfu Tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey

on May 28th, 2017


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Kungfu Camps

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wow,you guys did good jobs 

at  7th International Wushu Tournament in New Jersey

Congratulations to our students of black belt:

Jubei D'Amato, Robin Snetsinger, Tori Matula, Nate Johnson, Sherry Li, William Ng, Victoria Ng 

Congratulations on the great success of Wu Dang Kungfu Academy 10th Anniversary and Chinese New New Year Celebration. Thank you all the parents and students for you continued support and commitment. Every student performed on the stage. Please click here for more information.

Great job on 1st New York International Wushu Championships

The 1st New York International Wushu Championships was held on Sunday Dec. 10,2017 in Queens College in NYC. Our students won gold medals on Staff, broadsword, double whips, drunken sword, drunk fist, sword, spear, spear , group program and etc.  This event got great  support from the New York local government and city council. The US Wushu Association which is newly organized to support Wushu's entry into regular Olympic programs. 


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Congratulations to our Wushu Team for a magnificent performance at Lincolne Center

​​Wu Dang Kungfu Academy 


Wu Dang Kungfu Academy 10th Anniversary and Chinese New Year Celebration