After School Program

*After School Program at Wu Dang -Is uniquely designed to provide a combination of sports and enrichment in a  safe and stimulating environment. The program does not operate when Milford public schools are not in session, or on days when school has been cancelled. We are in operation on all scheduled minimum school days that fall within the school calendar. It is possible to pick up your child(ren) from their home school, transportation home is parental responsibilities. - -*Program Description -This program features Homework Assistance, kids Kung Fu/Self Defense, Mandarin Chinese, K-6 Reading ,Writing and Math; Art, STEM and More… Your child will have fun while taking multiple enrichment subjects. Please see following page for detailed information. - -*Registration -Registration is required for each school year. To register, parents must complete a registration form for each child. Simply scan the QR code below to register online. -At the time of registration: a $50 per family non-refundable registration fee must be submitted. The registration fee will assure you a spot at the after-school program.

*Sport and enrichments we offer:

1. Homework Assistance

2. Kids Kung Fu &Self Defense

3. Mandarin Chinese

4. K to 6 Reading/Writing/Math

5. STEM courses

6. Games, Reading club and more…

We are team working with experienced faculty from local District Elementary Schools and Code Ninjas

*Fees Bus Fee if you your child needs pick-up from home school(withing 5 miles) -It is subject to the change of gas price.

Days   per week

Rates   per month

Runs   at 3-6 pm

Three   (3) days  


Bus   Fee: $80

Pick-up   from home school to Wu Dang is available

Four   (4) days


Bus   Fee: $100

Free   late pick up till  7 pm

Five   (5) days


Bus   Fee: $100

Register now to have a $50 OFF the registration fee

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