Kung Fu Programs

Kung Fu, also known as Wu Shu in Chinese, is an overall term for all types of Fist and Weapon forms, Self Defense and Sparring. Currently Kung Fu is getting more and more popular among native Americans with standardized forms, judging criteria and annual competitions. 

Providing instruction in the full range of Kung Fu forms enables students to strive to develop the full potential.  From a physical standpoint, Kung Fu training at Wu Dang helps students in various age groups develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, and reflexes. On an emotional and intellectual level, we have found that Kung Fu helps young people gain better self-discipline, focus, and respect for not only themselves but also others. With the space of 7,000 SF, we believe it is a premier destination for our community to know more about Chinese Kung Fu and benefit from this unique martial arts.



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You are welcome to join us for a FREE trial class on Monday or Wdnesday at 5:15PM.

Any questions? Leave us a message or call 203.283.5657 for support!

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