• Wushu training by professional wushu coaches at Kungfu Academy in Shaolin Temple.
  • Mandarin Learning
  • Tours in Beijing: at Tian'anmen Square, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Bird Nest, Water Cube, etc. 


  • Mornings of Monday through Friday

                Wushu Training---Basic skills, forms and/or weapons

  • Afternoons of Monday through Friday

               One more hour of Wushu training,Basketball, Mandarin Learning, other cultural activities.

  • Saturday and Sunday

                Visits to Historic Places and Scenic Spots

  • Lodging

           Four-star Hotel in Beijingand Kungfu Academy.

Wu Dang Kungfu International Summer camp is a 35 days residential summer program for US students age 8 and up. The program features the intensive  Wushu training, Madarin learning and travels around most famous kungfu city Dengfeng (where Shaolin Temple is located) in China. US students will be learning Wushu/kungfu as well as Chinese language, visiting historic places in Beijing,Xi'an. This program is a unique Wushu and Chinese culture learning opportunity for all participants.

Come join us in China

Even if you have never tried Kungfu before, you will love this trip to China. Everyone is welcome. We're authorized to enroll in the U.S. by most famous Kungfu Academy in Shaolin Temple in China.

​​Wu Dang Kungfu Academy 


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