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​​Kung Fu, also known as Wushu in Chinese, is the overall term for all Self Defense in China. Originally, Kung Fu comprised a set of martial skills used by Chinese soldiers and fighters that were passed on within a family,  or from a master to his or her students. Many of these martial arts have an ancient heritage, with Kung Fu practitioners dating to China’s earliest dynasties. Currently Kung Fu is getting more and more popular among native Americans with standardized forms, judging criteria and annual competitions. 
Kung Fu is best grouped into four categories: fighting with hands or fists, fighting with swords and other weapons, training in pairs, and training by group. In practice Kung Fu incorporates combinations of attack and defense, advance and retreat, movement and silence, acceleration and slowing down, hardness and elegance, pretense and reality.
Providing instruction in the full range of Kung Fu styles and forms enables us to find the best styles and techniques for age and physical capabilities for each student. From a physical standpoint, Kung Fu training at Wu Dang helps both kid and adult student develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, reflexes, and body awareness. On an emotional and intellectual level, we have found that Kung Fu  helps young people gain better self-discipline, focus, and respect both for not only themselves but also others.

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Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy has a sash ranking system to better assist in keeping track of student's progress.

We have been serving Milford/Orange Area for 15 Years